Maliboda Almsgiving Ceremony & New Year Celebration

The WaltersBay – Maliboda Tea factory organized an almsgiving ceremony for 15 Buddhist monks to evoke blessings according to the Buddhist religious beliefs, for the new year (2018). In this ceremony 15 Buddhist monks were offered with requisites (ata pirikara) which included essential consumable items which are important in Buddhist bhikkhu culture [ Buddhist monks robe and other related clothing, The pathra (the bowl used to have meals) etc.] After the offerings, the monks blessed all the factory workers and the management for a prosperous new year according to Buddhist beliefs. Lunch was provided to all the participants attended this ceremony which included over 500 participants, with factory workers, village community farmers. This was conducted parallel to the new year celebration ceremony which started with lighting of the traditional oil lamp. All the workers had the opportunity to share their views in a friendly discussion with the management. The management briefed the gathering the targets and goals which is been planned out for the year 2018, and thanked all the workers and community farmers for their contribution in 2017 for Maliboda garden mark.