Grower Empowerment Program (GEP)

The Grower Empowerment Program seeks to enhance the lives of Walters Bay estate growers by supporting economic opportunity. We believe every small grower should have the ability to scale big. To that end, our model focuses on creating, fostering, and developing these opportunities through a multi-pronged approach that includes the following:
  1. Encouraging respect for the crucial role women play in the tea-growing process.
  2. Targeted financial assistance to growers.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility projects to address specific community needs.
  4. Easy re-payment plans for fertilizer and other agricultural inputs.
  5. Training programs on field management and the latest growing techniques.
The Grower Empowerment Program fosters a sense of family and community, while maintaining Walters Bay’s commitment to producing the world’s finest quality pure Ceylon Tea.

Read more about our growers here and details on our social and environmental sustainability programs here.