Community Farmers

Walters Bay believes that community farmers are inextricably linked to our teas. We feel a duty to them and their families. Simply put: the better people are treated, the better the quality of our tea.

Walters Bay provides a range of extension services for community farmers to develop their tea fields:

  1. Soft loans & interest-free installment payments for agricultural inputs
  2. Transportation services to & from fields for a nominal fee
  3. Free plastic crates & leaf-transporting bags
  4. Free ergonomic tea-plucking baskets
  5. Free soil-testing and advisory services for replanting tea bushes

Development of Mahayaya Primary School, Maliboda under Grower Empowerment Program

Mahayaya primary school located in Maliboda, Deraiyagala has now been developed under community services of Grower Empowerment Program.

82 students of age between five to ten years are studying in this school where, this school is presently conducting its activities under minimum facilities. Grade three and four classes are presently conducted in a temporary shed which can barely to hold the rain out. It has become impossible to conduct classes during rain. Majority of the students are from families’ of community growers of Maliboda Tea Factory.

Class room building of grade three and four has now been developed under grower empowerment program, where required building materials, technical support and the supervision was provided by the Grower Empowerment Program. This is yet another step in empowering community farmers and uplifting their lives.