Maliboda Estate


Founded as a rubber and coconut plantation in 1926, the Maliboda Estate evolved into a renowned, three-story tea-processing factory 12 years later. The forest bordering the northeast portion of the estate is home to an elusive herd of Dwarf elephants, which, according to legend, protect the sacred areas of Sri Pada.

“Maliboda” comes from the name given this herd of elephants in ancient times: “Maha Ali Goda.”

Located in Kegalle district, the Maliboda Tea Factory produces premium Orthodox Ceylon black tea, which is categorized under low grown orthodox black tea. This factory provides direct employment for more than 100 people, with an estate workforce of 400. Most of these employees come from nearby villages. The factory processes leaves grown by 1,000 small farmers and processes more than 20,000 kg daily.


Located 750 feet above sea level, the Maliboda Estate sits in the Sabaragamuwa province, nestled against the southwestern slopes of the peak wilderness. This wilderness is home to seven waterfalls known as the Hathella.

A special feature of the estate is the Kelani River, whose crystal-clear waters, fed by Hathella, cut through the tea fields. As with the Sapumalkanda factory, the factory features a breathtaking view of Adam’s Peak, with the Seven Virgins mountain range in the background.